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Monday, March 21, 2011

quiet on the blog...

turmoil in my real life. I have been pretty quiet here lately, it seems the more I have going on in my life the less i blog. So here it goes...
I am in the process of selling out my portion of the veterinary clinic. It is not going as expected. Despite the bumps in the road I am determined to see it through.
GrasWerka is gearing up for our first year with two batches of freedom rangers, for a total of 150-200 birds -not quite sure yet of the exact number :), 15 berkshire hogs on pasture, a big ol' garden.
Our workshop/garage will go up this spring. Hurray! Right now we are a 1440 sq ft house and a hen shed on 20 acres of mud :p Talk about tying to fit 10 lbs of sh#t into a 5lb box !
Last and certainly NOT least, my mother passed away at the age of 67 just 3 weeks ago. It was a suprize to everyone who knew her, and has thrown me for quite a loop. I am missing her so much, but each day is adding to the healing processs. She was far from a perfect person, but i hope she knew how much i loved her and appreciated all she did for our family ( i think she knew!)
I think this post will be pretty quiet for a few months, but i hope to get back to regular posting this summer. I need to let you all know how things turned out !!
I will close with a quote recorded on a scrap of paper I found tucked into the edge of Mom's dresser mirror- i think it was meant for me :)
'Yesterday is what it was, all we have is today and tomorrow... It's up to us to live our lives to the fullest, to not give others the power to decide how happy, how satisfied, or how fulfilled we're going to feel. Too many of us aren't living the life we want because we're living someone else's dreams, or we're chained to debt, or we've committed to things that our heart just isn't in and now we feel trapped, or we've allowed others to steal our joy. Each day comes bearing its own gifts. Untie the ribbons!'