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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cutting Ties

It has been an emotional couple of weeks. I am completely 'out of the closet' about leaving the practice with both clients and staff. It is such a relief! I am torn between doing a goofy happy dance every time i think about leaving and the sadness of leaving my client-friends behind. I have quite a few really special relationships built-up over the years. I have been talking to those special people the last few weeks as they come in -to let them know what is going on. It has been heart warming, without exception the response has been 'good for you!' What a great bunch of human beings!
On the other hand my business partner has not been so great. Locking me out of our business software program, not paying me the first quarter's management paycheck. I final told her how unacceptable that was, I was such a wimp with her, but yesterday I was ready to walkout and hire an attorney if she would not cooperate. I almost caved but in the end she will not be shorting me. One small battle won! I am trying very hard to be calm and professional-I would like to salvage a professional relationship with her if possible. Career wise it is a small community and it just reflects poorly on both people if we resort to petty crap.

Deadlines (and Luck!)

Nothing like a deadline to get a family motivated...we annually host the Easter Dinner for our extended family. It is never a lavish fancy meal, usually a little more lighthearted and casual. One year I made blender drinks and made everyone wear loud shirts and fake flower garlands; I forget what we actually ate... :) In a burst of adrenaline I realized spring farm season, Easter, and the end-date for the construction loan were all on the horizon! Whoa, were did that long WI winter go? We have been puttering along with finishing the trim work on the house. Since we do not (yet) have a garage, my earlier excuses revolved around cold temps and stain fumes in the house. The house sat unfinished all winter-no doors, no trim, nada! It has been a flurry of activity around this place. Trim, doors and casements stained and hung. We will not be 100% complete by Sunday-no closet doors yet and a special order door for the laundry alcove has just arrived but it looks more like a real house now! The general messiness of a new construction site long hidden by snow has also been cleaned up.
I am also re-doing our laying hen's tractor, they need to get out of the shed/brooder so I can get it ready for the new laying chicks (10 leghorns, 5 welsummers, 5 new hampshire, and 5 golden buffs) and 75 freedom rangers which will arrive in 3 weeks. I will pick up the feeder pigs in 2 weeks. Another first-first time pulling a trailer with the truck. DH says as long as it's a straight line I should be fine :P
I have 2 more weeks of my regular work schedule, then I will go to one day/week for the rest of May. By June i will be a full time stay at home Mom/grazier! I am constantly amazed by how things work out for us. I feel like the luckiest person. I have to remember how hard we have worked to get here. Does a person make his/her own luck? IDK, but I feel peaceful, content and energized at the same time-no looking back with regrets!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Did the Deed

Yesterday I did it. Really, really did it. No going back. No someday. It's now. I handed in my resignation letter. Part of me wants to do the happy dance and shout out loud, but another part of me feels bad for 'jumping ship'. I find my self mentally saying goodbye to many of my favorite clients-wanting to give them big hugs and thank them for allowing me to care for their beloved pets.
I have shared my story with a few people outside my immediate family, it has been so rewarding to hear their enthusiasm. One friend, who taught art lessons for my Mom and myself told me 'this is the BEST thing I have heard all week!'
I have suddenly been released from the inertia of all the drama in my life lately, and I've got work to do! Tomorrow I will 1) stain trim for the house -needs to be done before we can make the move from construction loan to mortgage, 2) meet with the USDA grazier for our county -before the federal govt shutdown :) 3) start garden seeds -i know seems late but we can have frosts into June here. 4) order chickens -no wine before-hand this year, damn it, it is a business after all!

Goodbye Winter...

Hello Spring,

and Mud Season