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Friday, January 1, 2010

My Plan

As noted in my previous post-I have been craving structure in my life. This fall I feel as though I am wandering rather aimlessly. No real purpose other than getting through the days and weeks-which is a good thing -but I am capable of more! I have flashes of brilliant motivation and lofty ideas, followed by days and weeks of dull just treading water. Just treading water would be easier if I didn't have these tantalizing flashes of this creative, energized alter-ego; a bit manic depressive, wouldn't you say?? Part of what (I hope) will set me back on track is some structure in my life. Most of my life has been structured- school, more school, then work. I am now a part-timer and I don't seem to be handling the extra time very well now that there is not a garden to care for. Or perhaps it is the lack of sunlight --note to self --pick up a UV light for desk lamp!
So my Plan (or system as one HWW reader termed it -thank you! i like that much better) My system revolves around a couple things 1) work outs at the Y (or basement if I'm late) from 5-6am M-Sat. 2) dividing the house into 'zones' ala the FlyLady and spending 15 minutes at a time working in the 'zone' for the week 3) a daily schedule- ex. each thursday is meal planning, grocery shopping and desk time, fridays will include a painting lesson -yep something fun for ME, and a weight watchers meeting. I hope that with some sort of continuity to my schedule that I will retain some autonomy (as much as a Mom can have!) to my time instead of revolving around the schedules of others.

Fun things for today- I finished browsing through a couple 'small house' books from the library and am re-energized about working on floor plans. All my potential plans had been abandoned to a folder for the past month, the creative juices are flowing now! What else... have been reading about raw food diet and while not convinced than live enzymes really get past the gastric acid, and not really convinced that live enzymes will dramatically change my health or my energy levels, I am willing to put more raw food into my diet I would also like to eat less wheat-(that may change the flatulence issues my entire household has!) Does anyone have good resources for no wheat bread? I also ordered a Diva Cup today-hurray I have been meaning to do that for, what, a year?
Can you say manic?


fullfreezer said...

You've got a great plan (or system) thought out. I'm sure it will work out well. You'll love your Diva- my daughter and I have had ours since May and both love them. Have a great year- and thanks for having us along for the ride!

Anonymous said...

As for: "flatulence issues": I stopped eating cereals & raw fruits later than 4pm - and my flatulence issues stopped at once.
Happy new year to you and your family!

hickchick said...

Kiki -as in Kiersten A. ??
Leave me an e-mail or something if that's you!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, no.
Kirstin B. from Germany; but I am pleased to meet you!
(Found your blog via HWW)

hickchick said...

Kirstin B -glad to meet you as well! Comment as often as you wish -it's nice to know someone is 'listening'. What is the old saying...make new friends and keep the old...