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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Real Food Safety

(Just a random-real food picture. I've got summer on the brain)

We watched Food, Inc this weekend. I have to say I was not that impressed. For someone who has read a couple of Salatin's books and Micheal Pollin's work-it was all old hat. Intersting that it was rated R. My Dad and sister were concerned that I was allowing my 11 and 7 year old to watch-but the old R stuff was what happens inside the meat processing plants. I don't consider that R rated-just real life.

A more moving video was Life According to Monsanto. It literally blew me away. If Monsanto is half as evil as this producer make them out to be...first it made me want to cry and then made me so mad-mad at multinationals who place profit above humanity, mad at our government who is supposed to be there for US but is instead placing the fox in charge of the hen-house. 90% of our soybeans are now GMO 'round-up ready' and 70% of the processed food in your grocery store contains GMO food ingrediants-with no labeling and no real safety testing. I am seeing red just thinking about it.

In other fun news, we helped my DH's gandfather celebrate his 100th birthday today. His kids threw him a big party. He is amazing; still living in his own home, cooking for himself, doing his own laundry, no walker or wheelchair. Happy birthday grandpa Carl!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your husband's grandfather! Hearing things like that gives me more reason to be hopeful for many long years ahead with my family, and the thought that it can be an active "lived" life, not just an existence.
I haven't seen Food Inc., but I'm not really into doing so, even though it is showing at a couple places around here. (I agree, showing children those processing scenes seems like reality, not unnecessary/inappropriate movie violence. Knowing more and more *is* infuriating - and thinking how much more we *don't* know yet is even more so.

fullfreezer said...

I checked into getting Food, Inc from our library. I was impressed that all 6 copies were checked out and there were 23 hold requests for it as it came in. I'm intrigued that you weren't impressed with it. From what I've heard I didn't think it was going to be anything I haven't already heard. Saturday evening the children were watching something on either Discovery or Food network (I can't remember which) on where your food comes from. It had slaughterhouse images and all. It was interesting to hear the comments my kids were making.
Happy Birthday to your DH's grandfather!

hickchick said...

Mango--thanks Grandpa Carl gives me hope too, motivates me to find a healthier plane so I can continue to be active and full of life and not dragged down by chronic disease like so many I see. ( Go omega 3's!!! )
Judy--Not that I wasn't impressed but it is a 'beginner level' introductory movie. I think your time might be better spent with the world according to monsanto video-now that was news to me.

Stacy said...

I agree that I knew the majority of the info shown in the film. I didn't realize it was rated R! Wow. Apparently we shouldn't show kids real life, hm? But what was more rewarding to me was seeing my husband's reaction and discussing the film afterward. The "what can I do?" action points I thought were clear and helpful, too. Absolutely, though, it is an intro-level film.