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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

not working

I have a post today at HWW about not working, for wages at least. I am so lucky to be in a position where I can make that choice and not have it made FOR me. I certainly cannot quit working for a paycheck altogether, but we are seeing the results of many years of frugality and hard work. We are NOT debt free by a long shot. It is certainly something to strive for, but if I make that a prerequisite for getting off the ol' rat race...well, I can't wait that long.

I have been thinking alot about jobs and personal economy. When did it become mandatory for a person to earn dollars in order to survive? Then families needed TWO income streams to make it. Maybe I have just read too many Little House books. I have also been reading Pop's 5 Rules (one of which is Don't Specialize). When did I become so specialized that I need to pay someone in order to feed and clothe myself, get water and heat for myself, to entertain myself. Am I really so helpless? By specializing I am betting my success on those skills being in demand- if no one requires my skills- well, tough luck. What if someone needs your skills but doesn't have the dollars to pay you. When did our self worth get so wrapped up in dollars? What if I/we could develop my/our skills to a point where we don't require so many dollars to buy the things we need? Notice I said NEED not WANT. Wouldn't thant be something to be able to take your dentist a couple gallons of maple syrup in exchange for a procedure or barter the IRS man twenty chickens to pay the property taxes.


Robbyn said...

That is THE question we keep coming back and back to...since when did we decide that the cash was what we needed to provide ourselves with, and how do we actually get back into the actuality of providing ourselves with the ACTUAL things that make up our own picture of real living? We've decided we need some cash but that we want to provide the other things as much ourselves as possible to work our way out of working for cash :) It's strangely liberating and others think we're nuts :)

hickchick said...

I'm okay with being nuts!
I know I am in good company :)

Anonymous said...

Good for you . Do what is right for you . THEN you'll be happy.
Liberating, YES IT IS.