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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swimming in Stuff

Good News:Our house in town has a renter for the next 6 months. What a relief! They can pay the heat bill and worry about shoveling, and oh yes pay a large chunk of the mortgage. Bad News: she is moving in this weekend. We spent all of last weekend sorting and moving the dregs of our household. The stuff we CAN live without but somehow have decided that we need anyway. Our little house is not prepared to store so much detritus. But it is done, all that remains is to spend one day this week boxing the few remaining things to charity and pictures from the walls, clean up after myself and be sure the appliances still work, whew!
Then I will start holiday preparations! January will be tax stuff and figuring out how to deal with the boxes of stuff lining the walls in my house. I can't wait for February!
Other stuff...the hens are up to 5 eggs a day, leghorns started first, now the rhode island reds are joining in. The coop is pretty cozy they seem to do well with no heat source even when it is 5 degrees overnight.

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