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Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Taste of the 'Good Life'

We are three days into our first four day 'weekend' at the camper. Our camper sits in the woods near the rear of my father's 40 acre farmette. My garden is finally looking less like a patch of dirt. The potatoes have taken off, the pole beans are up and the peas are begging for a trellis. I finally planted the peppers and tomatoes which have been adorning my deck for so long! Tom and I planted a 40x60 (?) foot patch of peas and oats yesterday in the hopes that we can use them for chicken feed-either scythe and store them or turn the girls loose in the patch. My girls were riding their bikes everywhere! We were all very tired little campers last night!

The laying hens are back to full production: 8 eggs/day from the 9 leghorns and 19 eggs/day from the 25-ish banties. They were improving within 4 days of moving them into more spacious quarters.
Tom and I have been able to sell eggs to co-workers. We can't market them as organic because of their feed (Purina-Layena) but I think they are better than commercial organic!


Sue said...

Hi Kris,
You have the same thing going as me....all my cool weather stuff is up and at-em, but the tomatoes and other heat lovers-well, lets just say they are not too happy. Today is our first 70 degree day in ages. Sounds like the good life for sure-have fun!!

fullfreezer said...

I think 'farm raised' eggs are best, organic or not. I'm trying to talk V into chickens but after all the chicken S#*t he cleaned up after the previous owners, he's seriously turned off having chickens. I'll have to introduce him to the concept of the chicken tractor.

Ruralrose said...

Success! It never looks like you imagined, am so happy for you and your kids. Peace for all