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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wild Ride

We are officially living in our camper. We have moved our bunnies to as shady of a spot as we have. The two house cats moved out today! They are not exactly pleased about the new outdoor accommodations, but I think they will adjust. (now we hope to avoid a run in with a coyote or hawk.) Both batches of chicks are doing well The layers are a week old already-their little flight feathers are growing in and they run around the pen trying to fly! Both Tom and I are finding it very rewarding to be nurturing these little ones.
Today I had to go to work for a partial day and Tom met me in town to sign paperwork for the construction loan! Our contractor even broke ground today, digging down along the perimeter of the house to pour concrete footing for the frost wall.
Life in the camper moves at a slower pace. We don't smell as good as we did in town, and we are tired often. We remarked tonight that it is a different kind of tired-not a fried brain tired but rather a body tired mind happy kind of tired. I like this kind of tired SO much more.
I have all these pictures i would like to share- unfortunately the internet connection out here is spotty so i will hope that this will publish NOW...


Anonymous said...

I do hope the cats have safe and secure living quarters outside - seems kind of unfair to take city housecats and thrust them into the wild. Were they previously outdoor-only cats? Will they have heat during the winter? Shelter from storms? Shelter from animals who wish to prey on them? Oh, it just wounds me to hear about it! :( Seems a breach of trust, to change their world like that. Maybe finding an inside home for them elsewhere might be an option?

fullfreezer said...

Here's good wishes for fast construction and happy tiredness for many years in your new home.

Hickchick said...

Dear Anon-I appreciate your concerns! They have shelter from wind and rain this summer. They have a wooden box under our camper with their favorite bedding inside. Whether they choose to use it is anyone's guess! We rescued these guys from a snowbank on a -20 day 4 months ago, knowing they would have to be outside for the summer, then indoor/outdoor cats come fall. I certainly think they will have a better life in the boonies than in our overcrowded shelter!
Thanks for the well-wishes Judy!

Anonymous said...

It must be an adjustment for everyone - humans and animals alike. Exciting about the groundbreaking! I hope things keep going along in that good-tired way... it can make up for a lot of other things. Speedy construction wishes to you!