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Thursday, October 14, 2010

back into the swing of things

I enjoyed reading Sharon's post on whole-life re-design and i would like to nail down some definable, measurable goals for myself and turn some of these pie-in-the-sky dreams I have for our farm into something closer to a mission statement. I am too easily distracted and will end up floundering around without goals and accountability. I am a disco ball instead of a laser light!

I am finally feeling as if things are reaching a certain equilibrium, a routine. I am seeing room for improvement! Too much time in front of the TV, not enough time one-on-one with each other. In some (small) ways I miss the enforced closeness of the camper. If I could get rid of the TV I would (except for movie night!) In a small open house it dominates our energy every evening. I am struggling to find routines for the household chores, bill paying, self care, etc as well as being flexible and responsive to the girls needs, work needs, ug. This is our chance to shake things up and focus on the simple and lead a deliberate life.

Some fun early November I will be taking a course at the UW-Madison VMTH called Introduction to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. I feel this is something of a declaration for me. After 12 yrs of practice I am ready to go my own way. If our small animal clinic is not receptive-that's okay with me.
Another fun thing -now that i have internet again i was able to look up scarlet runner beans-they are edible as well as really pretty-i need to go collect those pods for dry beans! Sauerkraut needs to happen this weekend-the cabbage at the foot of my bed are starting to smell weird! **or is that the laundry-i better go check :)


Kim said...

We made the transition to country life last year and are really starting to see our vision of a hobby farm become reality. Horses, calves, chickens are all here now. But with each addition to our farm, more work is involved. The tv has taken a back seat to other things that are more important and rewarding. We love that!

And, you're a vet. Our oldest son is preparing to go to college to be a vet, specializing in horses or birds hopefully. If you look at his blog that is linked to mine it is easy to see why.

Enjoy your new home!

fullfreezer said...

Your scarlet runners are beautiful. Are those one of the ones that you can eat both as green beans and as dried? I planted some last year but the bunnies ate every single plant and I didn't have time to replant.
The traditional medicine class sounds just up your alley. Good for you for taking the step.