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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scarlet Runner Beans

Last year was my first rasing beans for dry beans. Perfect crop for me-get em growing pick what-ever green beans you need and let the rest go until fall. I got even lazier this year and let the pods dry on the vines, I didn't pick them until the green leaves were so wilted and brown that the pods were much easier to find and pick.

My daughters picked scarlett runner beans from the catalog for their long vines and pretty red flowers.

They were pretty and bonus! -edible beans. The dried beans are huge and quite striking. I have to say the skins are tougher than the others I have grown but still good to eat!

Pretty and functional (and saved for re-planting next year!)


Ruralrose said...

Those are very pretty beans. When I was a girl I used to make pictures by gluing different beans to a piece of wood. Never was lucky enough for a purple one though. Peace

Jen ( said...

I would really like to plant those next year. I'd intended to plant them this year, but I became ridiculously busy.