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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Traditional Chinese Medicine

I spent Friday locked in a fancy hotel conference room, my brain a quivering confused mess. The topic was An Introduction to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine. I have read up on TCM, have a superficial understanding of qi, shen, yin and yang. I was still overwhelmed by the complexity of this body of knowledge. If this is something I wish to pursue, it will not be done lightly!

An idea which struck me during the lecture was that TCM theory and practice was developed through thousands of years of observation of cause and effect, of associations which mirrored nature, observation of function. I do not believe there was much dissection or autopsy going on through these years-but there certainly was a lot of observation of relationships, harmony and function. It seems that science is becoming sophisticated enough to 'prove' TCM is valid. Acupuncture points can be located by measuring the electrical potential of the skin-they are areas of decreased resistance. Anatomically they have been shown to have a unusually large number of nerve fibers and blood vessels. Still no luck in measuring Qi though!

I thought this was a very nice analogy: if disease is a mountain, you can approach it from the east or the west. Sometimes the path from the east is quicker than that from the west or vice-versa. I would love to be able combine both 'paths' in my approach.


fullfreezer said...

It sounds like a very interesting, if slightly overwhelming, class. Have fun with it.

Ruralrose said...

Love TCM! I was a skeptic for so long, poopoo it as placebo, very ignorant. Now its principles guide the healing done here. It is ironic I poopooed aromatherapy too (yea right you smell it and it cures you, tell me another) - but alas this practice has saves me time, money, and suffering weekly if not daily. There is a right way, a sure path, that doesn't just bandaid the problem. I think you are on to something big time here. You could even grow herbs and healthy forages and take care of peoples animals from your farm. I know this takes you off your planned route, just saying it is the dawn of a new age away for pharmaceutical healing. An excellent manual you should own is "A Barefoot Doctor's Manual" it is an awesome read (making the learning easier) and a priceless resource manual. Here is a link to a review of same:

When you are able to follow the winds of change, you know you are at the right place at the right time. Peace