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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Ohhh aren't they beautiful?!! My hens are gifting us with 5-7 eggs daily and it gives me joy!

The last couple of months have been pretty hard for me, but I feel better now, a little more in control. The craziness of moving out of the old house, making the new one a home, the holidays, and changing my career path have been enough to get my anxiety and depression tendencies all stirred up. After Christmas I was sick-layed out on the couch for 4 full days, very uncharacteristic. But my body knew what it was doing. I required rest. I am now feeling brighter, renewed and ready to take the reins again.

If I am to be a full time farmer this summer (and beyond??) i need to begin working on my number one tool--ME. i am 40 and 50lbs overweight, my joints hurt (duh), and am well on my way to becoming a diabetic if i don't take responsibility for my own health. If i wish to do half the things we are dreaming about i need to be stronger, more flexible and generally healthier. So i am on it, details forthcoming but lets just say it's a Primal approach.

I need help with farm names- we were calling ourselves GrassWorks-but that is the name of the state grazing network-confusing if we wish to grow and be a 'going concern'. So another idea is PastureWorks Family Farm (kinda dry), or the german gras werka (verka) translation of grassworks which makes sense from an intellectual point DH is very german and the german immigrants held a belief of land husbandry rather than exploitative approach to the land. Ive been playing with Hxxx's Field of Dreams which tickles my fancy--but is 'field of dreams' an untouchable copyrighted phrase? IDK Any input appreciated!


Hedgetoad said...

how about "Grain Works" instead? or "Field Works"?

Al @ Dandelion Acres said...

I think the naming of a place has to kind of just happen, when we named our place, we looked out and saw a TON of Dandelions, stuck. Let things happen, and the name will take care of itself!
I hear you on the getting in shape! I lost 25 lbs last summer, not bad. We also changed our eating habits greatly. We follow an old adage I read some where: Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Works pretty well for us!!!

fullfreezer said...

Instead of Field of Dreams- how about "Dream Fields"
And I TOTALLY understand your desire to work on your greatest tool. I've got a couple of years on you and am also overweight. But, my DH got me an elliptical for Christmas and I've been rather pathetically starting the long process of getting in better shape.

becky3086 said...

Maybe "Field Grass Works" ?

fullfreezer said...

Your eggs are beautiful. I just found out from Justine that one of her friends' family has chickens but they don't eat the eggs. Not quite sure about that one. The mom evidently says she can't eat the eggs from chickens she knows, the daughter doesn't like eggs and dad doesn't eat them due to cholesterol issues. So, she volunteered to take them off their hands. Ooo, I'm so excited. Unfortunately, they're not laying much right now but this could be fun!
Oh, and I have an All American canner. V got it for me a few years ago. I'll admit, I haven't used it as much as I probably should have but I love it. There was a problem with it when we got it and the factory was wonderfully helpful. It doesn't have a gasket to have to worry about and it has both a 'jiggler' and a pressure dial.