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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bread Snob

I have officially become a bread snob. This winter I began baking my own again after the camper adventure. This weekend I resorted to my back-up bread maker for a quickie loaf :) Yuck! Like sawdust. I'd rather buy store stuff.

Largely irrelevant now because bread is a thing of the past for me. After several weeks of very low carb diet-no bread, pasta, rice, or potatoes- I ate some of that yummy homemade bread--what a stink! I have discovered that my system really just does better without the carbs. I don't know if the gas was the gluten or just a dearth of GI bugs to handle all the carbs.

I am back to low carb/no gluten now. Anybody have any good spelt recipes?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kris! Caution, spelt is a glutenous grain, IGA has a new gluten free area. You can't bake bread without some structure that captures the gas from yeast. Maybe flat breads? If you can go with corn tortillas? Or get on the web for non-gluten recipes,. I know they are out there, I just haven't bothered to look at. I just cut down my wheat intake. Not sure about how the kids react to wheat? I know L can be odorific! mom