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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Food for Thought (bagels give me gas!)

I am forty, I am overweight, I am a moody carb junky.  To expect this to all change without taking a radically new approach would be the definition of insanity.  I have had a few slaps up side the head which have really truly made me understand that we are what we eat, food is medicine, garbage in=garbage out, etc, etc. 

Early in January I started eating very differently.  Forget the USDA food pyramid with its foundation of grains and teeny tiny sliver of fats, I've turned it on its keister  keester oh hell ! on its ass.  I've been reading a lot of Weston A Price, a lot of primal and paleo nutritional information and the conclusion I have come to is this: the USDA and the AMA don't know beans about what the human animal needs to be healthy!

For the past 4 weeks I have been limiting my carb intake to 100grams (400calories or less), no wheat, no noodles, very limited beans, and potatoes.  Most of those carbs come form fruit and veggies.  Protein -approx 0.7 grams per lb lean weight means I eat 80-90 grams of protein /day.  That is another 400 calories or so.  Guess what the rest of my diet is....(alcohol? no, but a good guess)....FAT.  I am eating alot of fat -eggs, walnuts, avocados, olive oil, BUTTER, grass fed meats.  No canola oil, no PUFA, no hydrogenated anything.   Its largely about preventing the insulin surge, antioxidants and reducing inflammation.

Things have been going great!  It helps that my husband is on board and excited about eating real food, it helps that I have time to cook and a freezer full of homegrown grass based meats.  My sugar cravings are under control, I am listening to my body-  not grazing to keep my energy levels up.  I'm not much of a scale person but the one week i checked -I had lost 4 lbs (eating butter and bacon!!) 

There have been other benefits as well.  This week I had a moment of weakness and ate a 1/2 bagel.  It was so good, mmmm, but four hours later I got all crampy and had bad gas (is there a good kind?).  My normal state of flatulence had been missing and I hadn't even noticed!  My mom had celiac disease, perhaps I have inherited some of those GI traits as well.   Food for thought!  Check out marks daily apple especially the Friday success stories.  They are really inspiring.


Rea said...

As a scientist I can say that sometime we like to make things more complicated than they are.

You are right about the food pyramid. I believe it was originally created to help control the mixed nationalities of people coming to America. All these different people had different diets and it was hard for sellers to get a grip on what to grow and sell to the masses. So if we could get them to all eat similar things, it would be much easier.

Never mind that those in the north will need more fat in the winter and less in the summer. Never mind that Americans with African heritage have higher blood pressure because of the crossing. Never mind that American Indians are closer to their hunter/gatherer roots and diabetes can be caused by a European diet. Never mind that those who's ancestors lived near the ocean will be able to handle more salt than those who ancestors lived further inland...

No one diet can be good for all people. The one thing that seems to hold true though is that the less processed the food is (veggie oil is VERY processed) the better it is for us. From there, a diet similar to what our ancestors ate seems to be the next step.

Mine lived in the frozen north and ate meat to survive the winter. Telling me to consume veggie oil this time of year is like telling a lion to eat grass. It just isn't going to be healthy for a body that comes from healthy winter meat eaters.

You have given great information there.

Ruth Trowbridge said...

This is my diet too - buckwheat is an excellent food very low glycemic index and high omega 3s - an egg, oil, milk and buckwheat (flower seed we can grow ourselves) makes a lovely crepe and takes the edge off the cravings - i did not see yoghurt on your list - for me this is a must food for nights when the cravings are greatest - the good bacteria fight the bad who are screaming for carbs - yoghurt shuts them up fast - also sunflower seeds are great when you are preparing food to keep you stable - my biggest tip (not that you asked for it, lol) is eggs only for breakfast, something about starting off without carbs helps with the days cravings - love this post this will take you far in your new life - peace

Ruth Trowbridge said...

i have been eating this diet for 18 years now, no bread, no pizza, no pasta, no cookies, you would think I was complaining but I am not, I beat cancer and heart disease (whereas many other women in my family, without making the changes, have died from these things) peace

Ruth Trowbridge said...

also . . . i just found out that grass fed beef is rich in omega 3 oils unlike feedlot beef

Hickchick said...

Thanks for the thoughtful comments! Rea- i couldn't agree more-the scandinavian eats much differently than the brazilian.
Ruth - eggs! i have lots of them and my typical breakfast is 2 eggs scrambled with garlic, onions and spinach!

Entirely Too Perky said...

Congrats on figuring out what works for you! I've been wheat-free (also dairy and soy) for almost a year now and my guts and skin are so much happier (not to mention lower triglyceride and cholesterol readings and dropping 5 inches around my waist).

Keep paying attention to what your body likes and doesn't. It's much more accurate than any food pyramid or proscribed diet. :)

Carol said...

Very interesting to find your blog! I too, am a veterinarian. Just sold my share of the practice. But I am fifty, not forty.
Love gardening and plan to expand further this year in growing food. Still working, but having second thoughts on it every day. My clients and patients keep me working for now.
I'm your newest follower.