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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Invest in Yourself- always outperform the market!

I took a plunge today- no i didn't quit my job or sell the business. But I am investing in myself! I just pluncked some $ down for 28 days of intensive training with a personal trainer, along with a strict diet, measurements each week, yadda, yadda. Going to the gym these past few weeks on a regular basis has been a self imposed test of sorts. I am so good at good intentions and big plans-but short on follow through! So I joined the gym for just a 1 month contract, then worked out regularly for 2 weeks, now set up personal training sessions. 20# in 28 days is the 'hook'. It is not a sustainable diet, but short term and will get me started on my total goal of 50# which is more like a 9 month goal, and way to big of a challenge for me now! Small steps! He is really more interested in inches than #. I am really excited to do this, and a little nervous--I mean I really like BREAD and carbs and there is very little of that in my near future. I am such a tightwad about money so this is a is a big step for me. I start next week so I'll keep you all posted! Look forward to some pictures of our wood crafts and the watercolor/charcoal drawings I (finally) got framed-maybe friday i will have a chance to post them. Happy Happy KRIS


MeadowLark said...

When I was working out hard, I had plenty of bread and carbs. The catch was WHOLE GRAIN ONLY. That's where we suffer. The "whole grain" we buy at the stores usually has some form of sugar listed in the top three ingredients, which is sooo not good for you! We made plain old whole grain (dense) bread at home and still lost weight.

Actually, we used the P90x system and I went from 40 lbs overweight to being able to do chinups and over 20 real (guy) pushups. :)

hickchick said...

Meadow- Good for you! I will follow the breadless (sob) regime for 4 weeks. Then go back to my dense homemade brick, I mean bread ;) In small amounts K

Country Girl said...

I was over visiting Homesteading Neophyte and your screen name "hick chick", which I love made me click on over. Nice stuuf here and good goals. I desperately need to get my butt back to the gym. All my clothes are tight! ~Kim