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Friday, December 12, 2008

Deliberate Life

I did it again, overboard on buying kids gifts-at least it feels that way right now. They have so much STUFF already, their rooms are overflowing with stuff not played with. So why do I need to buy more stuff for them. Because I can? Because it proves I love them? So I don't feel guilty about the things I'm not giving them--namely my time?? I guess right now we have more money than time so I give money. Well, live and learn and box up the unplayed with things and give to salvation army or goodwill. Since the little one no longer believes in Santa perhaps next year we can take a little trip instead of buying toys.

What is the difference between a deliberate life and homesteading? I am not living either right now. I am working hard on personal responsibility right now--ie being responsible for my health, and where I am psychologically. My next step is to be responsible for my financial fitness. We are upper middle class both earning good incomes, we could be doing a much better job saving money right now. This is the deliberate part-planning for where we want to go and taking the responsibility to make it happen. K

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Gina said...

I am so right there with you! I definitely have more money than time and it makes me unhappy (I'd rather have the time). I traded in a flexible, temporary job that payed "Okay" for a 7-5 fulltime, higher salary job two years ago. I miss my flex time, time to dream and try things by hand because I didn't have the money to do otherwise. Now I find myself strapped for time and end up going the easy route (e.g. started to learn how to knit and gave it up because it's easier for me just to buy socks). I really, really want to do it the hard way!! ;) Two of my major goals for next year seems to be similar to yours; physical and financial health improvement.