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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Woody!

The story starts like this: I was on call last weekend and I get a call from a very concerned pet 'dad'. It seems his german wirehair is walking bowlegged, is very painful and has bloody stuff' dripping from 'you know where'-no he couldn't name the anatomy-I mean come, on it's a penis say it with me! This combination doesn't sound good so i agree to meet him at the office. So of course he sends his wife with the dog. The prepuce does look very swollen and hard, so I sedate him for a better look inside. The poor guy had a chunk of wood stuck up there approx 1 inch x 3 inches long along with a laceration on the penis. I fix him up and she just looked at me with a smirk and said 'I'll just tell him that his dog had a WOODY'. I'm still laughing about this! How is this for dinner table conversation Phelan? K


Michelle said...

One does wonder how the piece of lumber got jammed up there, doesn't one?

What a wimp, sending his wife. Probably thought he couldn't stomach watching you treat the poor thing.

hickchick said...

Michelle--hunting dogs are amazing, they run so hard! The guy thing though...that's the reason guys don't have babies!! K