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Sunday, December 28, 2008


I think I am finally recovering from Christmas. I feel sort of worn thin. I'm mostly an introvert and i am beginning to honor my need for quiet alone time to function. Work has been busy ( thank god ), but man am i burned out on work and people in general. I am dreaming of a whole weekend to be 'off duty'. I did play hooky today anyway, DH was gone and i was on call for work, so the 'chicks' and I watched Lord of the Rings trilogy ALL day. A good fantasy escape!

I am so inspired by all these great homesteading blogs, I really don't think I can take another year here in town. Yes I know we could 'homestead' in the current house-but I feel we need a bigger change. I need space from my job-I'm hoping physical distance will help with emotional distance as well ( to cut back hours and sell my share of the business or just cut back hours and retain ownership-that's another post!). Logically the next step for us is to list our house early spring, with the market the way it is, the house has to sell first. I am so stuck on what happens BEFORE we list. All those projects! You know -emptying closets, clearing the junk out of our finished but not used basement, fixing that dripping faucet and bathtub drain! Wishing isn't going to make anything happen. We just need to start somewhere! Kris


Stephany said...

That sounds like a good way to recover. I should dig my copies out and watch them.

MeadowLark said...

Howling Hill is spending her 10 days cleaning room by room. So I challenge you to clean out 1 bedroom today. Just one.

We did the basement and the bags of clothes for goodwill yesterday. Plenty of cocktails went with that project. Ugh.

fullfreezer said...

We're sort of in the same boat, wanting to move out of town but feeling stuck- both financially right now with V losing his job but also the trouble of getting our house ready to sell/show. We're putting together a list of projects for V to work on while he's off work- you know- the painting and repairing stuff that needs done before you can even think about selling. We're fortunate that we live close enough to campus in a college town- in a nice neighborhood, that I don't think we will have trouble selling if we don't ask an outrageous price.
Enjoy your down time- I have the tendency to need a vacation from my vacation. Good for you that you took time with your chicks to watch movies. They will remember that more than whether the house was clean.

hickchick said...

Stephany-welcome!-I love your felting (my girls loved gandolf!)
All right Meadow-that's a challenge I can accept. New years day I will work in my bedroom-purge the closet-maybe even finish painting the trim :0
Judy-it does seem overwelming doesn't it? One room at a time-one project at a time. Then when the right door opens you will be ready to leap through!
Thanks guys-I think I have my 'mojo' back, I just need to be under the illusion that I am in control of this ride. Kris

Gina said...

It is hard to start those house selling repairs. I have a ton to do at the rental-now-for-sale house and can't get motivated to go do it. Maybe NY weekend...sigh.