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Friday, March 20, 2009


I need an intervention! I don't like how run-down I feel. I feel closer to 68 instead of 38. My brain is foggy, I often can't find the words I am looking for, my memory is poor (this is NOT a new symptom). I just feel so tired and numb 50% of the time. I know I feel better when I exercise and stay away from simple carbs completely along with limiting even the whole grain carbs. I also feel better with a chance to play and unwind each day. I have gotten into a bad rut-and the difference between a rut and a grave is the depth of the hole!

Long story short-I have 5 days off for spring break and I would like to seize this time to perform some detoxification. I realize that the detox may only be in my head, that there will be some placebo effect gained by the effort of taking control back into my own hands. But rituals are very powerful things.

I am considering a raw food only, limited fast. Any suggestions out there? My herb craft is very rusty, I will be doing alot of research into any suggestions made-no following blindly! I plan to reduce my caffeine and refined foods intake over this coming week leading to my 'spring break'.

In other news-I (minimally) pruned the apple tree, no luck yet in an organic dormant oil. My seeds finally arrived, mostly from Baker's. I will start the tomatoes, peppers and cabbage this weekend (about 9 weeks from our historical frost free date). The solar hot water class is next weekend. Our bunnies got some lovin'. We should see a litter in 30 days! No luck yet on the Silver Fox doe. I also resisted the impulse to buy a new car. My (paid for) 2002 Saturn will do just fine for us for a while longer. I was almost seduced by the new car tax breaks and the hybrid tax credits until I did the math on monthly payments. Told you veterinarians are cheap!! I'll keep putting the payments into savings.


Sue said...

I wish you the best with your detox. Modern life sure takes its toll on us, doesn't it?
And new car blues is hitting us too!. Hope we can hold out! :)

Ruralrose said...

hope i am not be nosey here - you are far too hard on yourself - you have a break coming up, take the darn break - stop, the housework will keep, go play with your kids, start a journal about how you want the future to be (lists are not bad, they are very important tools to taking the steps to a new life, even if you only set aside a couple of hours during the day when you do things you like to do (but don't) instead of things you have to do - you are tired, by nature detox is very tiring and the junk we are cleaning out always causes emotional release adding more stress to your situation - it would be an excellent time to try to give up complex carbs though, i have had no wheat in my life for 14 years and i would never go back not even for a cookie or cake, please you have all the symptoms of burnout, continuing to be productive would be counterproductive - you will not be punished for rest it is necessary to recharge, like plants do in the winter, to begin again - peace for all
p.s. its the clean air up here that makes me so long winded, lol

hickchick said...

Thanks Sue!
Rose-okay, okay, I'm busted, trying to DO too much again. Exercise, no caffeine or sugar, plenty of herbal tea and SLEEP will be a good place to start! LOL i'm such an overachiever!

Anonymous said...

My dh does fasting now and then. Fruit juice for breakfast and V8 for lunch and dinner. He says he doesn't get hungry and always feels better after 5 - 6 days of this.

hickchick said...

I have been reading alot about fruit juice fasting-but I have no plans to buy a juicer!! The raw foodists say no pasteurization-or is that a bunch of bull?

Anonymous said...

No ideas about the detox, but just wanted to commiserate - I'm in the same run-down place mentally... and can't figure out the way to do anything about it. Sigh. I'll be glad to read how you do, and take some tips I hope! Good luck :-)