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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I started my (modified) detox plan by dropping coffee. Even with green tea to ease me through-I enjoyed a crushing headache for three days. I was a royal witch at work on Saturday! Apologies to my employees! Today I feel better, no headache, not tired. I am sleeping better now-no more waking up through-out the night.

I am also trying to eat as much raw food as possible-lots of salads, fruits, raw nuts and water, water, water. I miss sugar! But I do enjoy tasting the texture and naunces of plain yogurt flavored with fruit instead of the too-sweet homogenized Yoplait I usually eat.

I came across an interesting bit of info about protein-(we eat too much of it!), apparently there are cultures who maintain health at 10-25 gram of protein per day. Hmm, think our food pyramid is a little lopsided? I also saw on Yahoo news today, a new study which shows too much red meat and processed meats are bad for you. Really? Huh,who would have thought?
Anyway I feel good, optomistic and ready for the fruit juice fast (2 days max)!

PS Horse manure/wood shavings: I have a good supplier-how do I use? is it too hot to use fresh, I was going to till in fresh manure this spring.


Sue said...

The food pyramid is a joke. Its created by lobbyists...the meat producers, the corn producers, the dairy producers. Good luck with your detox. I can't get past the no coffee!! :(

fullfreezer said...

I agree with Sue, the food pyramid or whatever they're calling their striped thing now is a joke. I much prefer Michael Pollan's prescription: "Eat food, not a lot, mostly plants." Although it was interesting, a while back when I was posting about our meal plan for the week and mentioned that we try for at least one vegetarian meal a week, I got a comment from another blogger (who evidently isn't far from me and raises cattle) questioning why I thought it important to have vegetarian meals. I'm kind of glad that I have been vindicated on the health part of my response to her.
Good luck with the detox. Maybe you'll inspire me to cut down on coffee ;)

CatHerder said...

I started a couple days ago...keeping ONE cup of coffee in the tea or water the rest of the day....NO SUGAR NO craving a crispy creme right now :=(