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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekend playtime

I've been away from the blog for a while-my computers graphics displays were all messed up (the technical term) but everything is resolved now. I have some fun news; Tom and I are taking a class together- introduction to domestic solar hot water. It is put on by the Midwest renewable Energy Association-or MREA. We are hoping to install a solar hot water system, from what I can gather a closed system for a family of 4 costs in the neighborhood of $10,000-but there are a number of federal, state and utility rebates available now which bring the price down and the system would then pay for itself within a few years. I can see the wheels turning in my husbands brain; there are a series of classes available through MREA which would lead to becoming a certified solar hot water installer-the first of which we go to in the end of March. He may be considering a second career path :)

I borrowed a copy of the Bartholomew -Square Foot Gardening book. Love it. I am going to try to restrain myself a bit so as not to get overwhelmed and frustrated -gardening IS supposed to be enjoyable. I can see that I want a sun box of some sort to get seedlings off to a good start-and as soon is the snow is gone from the S side of my house I will work on that.

This weekend we had a play day at ArkWorks Farm- the temps were in the 40's and the sun was shining so we went for a walk in the woods ( there is still 2 feet of snow out there-but our old snowshoe trails are walkable) and then built a fire at our camper site-the girls had fun re-discovering their tree forts and playing with the melt water running across the trail. Spring seems to be coming a little early for us-and we just missed the 6 inches of snow our neighbors 20 miles south received!

Sunbathing in WI

The view down the hill from our camper site to ArkWorks Farm,


Sue said...

Ack....I'm so can see SOME ground at your place. We got NAILED by that storm...8 more inches of the white stuff. I was just getting to the point where the TOPS of my raised beds were showing. Alas, no more.....
Take care

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, solar water class- I want to come along too! V is already thinking about a residential wind turbine. Hmmm.

Ruralrose said...

hi, i found a link for "how much" is needed for the year

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