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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hormones and Mood

The last of the ice in the woods

After some reflection and alot of reading, I have come to understand my extreme mood swings a little better. In the span of a day I went from hopeless, anxious, mad as hell to calm, energized, enthusiastic. All I needed was my period. This has been a pattern I never picked up on because some months I am fine. If I am exercising and relatively low stress I don't fall apart. There is even a name for it PMDD-premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

There is some interesting info out there on the relationship between estrogen, progesterone and cortisone. Biology is SO cool. The human animal is such a finely tuned machine and then we do things like caffeine and HFCS and hydrogenated oils.

Rose and Christy both have my excited to share the view from my home with you. There will be two 'homes' to view: the suburban house (the home to my body and mind) and our rural escape-my Dad's place (the home to my heart).

We just spent two days of our spring break at ArkWorks Farm and I realized that I cannot be torn between homes. We had planned to split our time this summer between house and camper, with my main gardening efforts at the farm. As much as I love it there, I can't do this-I will be setting myself up for frustration and stress. I can be happy at either place, but not both. We need to choose-the yardstead or the farmstead, I can't and won't try to do both. So another round of discussions for DH and I. This is important, and is worth going over again and again if needs be.


Sue said...

I never knew the name for it, but PMDD must have been my problem. Who'd have thought menopause could be SUCH a relief. I was the witch (nice way to put it!), but life is so much better now. Even so, stress has a way of making me "witchey", so I avoid it at all costs.
Best to you,

fullfreezer said...

It would be tough, even not hormonal, to have gardens that far apart. I know I get much more irritable and weepy around 'that time'. I seem to remember someone telling me of an herbal tea that helps smooth things out but I can't remember what it was. If I remember, I'll let you know.

Ruralrose said...

Do you mind sharing more about the farm? Why aren't you at the farm now? What are the pros there? what are the cons? Getting to know you we can see how endearing you are - isn't it nice to have the encouragement of others. Peace for all

hickchick said...

ArkWorks farm is my father's 40 acre retirement project. It is approx 30 miles from our house. We have a travel trailer in the woods on the back of the property. Last summer we spent all available free time there (weekends, holidays, sometimes even commuting to work to and from the camper). Last year DH and I were part time garden laborers for his market garden. This year my work schedule will be more part time and we were hoping to be at the farm/camper 4 days a week. So my garden would be there with somewhat of a guardian there for the remaining 3 days. Now I realize this is living in town but esping to the country. As much as I wish I cannot have it both ways. I will tear myself apart. I need to embrace one lifestyle or the other and not sit on the fence. We have been talking to the one of the Farm's neighbors and are contemplating buying her place (if she will sell). We really like the idea of being near family -he can help us with young kids and (many) years don the line we can help him stay in his home.

ChristyACB said...

I'm so glad to have inadvertently inspired you to share your view and I can't wait to see!

I completely understand that need to make a decision and then whole heartedly embrace it. Splitting time like that means nothing can feel totally settled when I find myself in it.

The property does sound divine.

Stephany said...

I think it would be tough to tear yourself between the two places, never fully embracing life in either place.
On the other hand, I completely understand the allure of the farm.

Ruralrose said...

Hey Kris thanks for sharing. Your dad is on the property then? How lucky a girl you are! All or nothing never works, compromise is always the best solution. I know it will fall into place for you because you want what is best for your family. Love is all there is. Peace for all