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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Erin and Beljit

Erin has been taking saddle seat lessons off and on for 12 months. This weekend was her first show. It is so great to see this shy quiet kid get all excited about performing in front of an audience!
Beljit is a Fresian, he is huge but such a gentle giant! The only sudden moves he makes are toward the feed bucket! He is the lesson horse owned by the trainer. Erin is completely in love with him (and so am I!)

The cedar stumps in front of our house have officially kicked our butts! I voted to just buy more wood chips and pile them above the stumps-but Tom will rent a stump grinder this week. Sigh, i'm the 'duct tape and binder twine' girl while Tom does things the right way or not at all! I have started cleaning out our closets and getting rid of unwanted stuff. Lots of Goodwill donations over the next few weeks!!!



fullfreezer said...

Oh, I'm doing the big sort as well. UGH! I boxed up 4 boxes of clothes for the children of some friends from church. We made a special trip to church this morning (Um, we were being bad and not actually going) and they weren't there either! So we'll hang onto them for a while longer. Sigh.
I hope your move goes much more smoothly than mine has been.

Sue said...

What a gorgeous horse. Your daughter looks like she's soooo happy!
Moving is a pain, but a good excuse to go through all the stuff and pare down.
Best of luck!

ChristyACB said...

I'm also doing the clean out for donations. It's amazing how much stuff we spend good money on that winds up getting donated.

That horse really is beautiful. No wonder she's enamoured!

frenchie4moi said...

How sweet. My daughter performed a lot when she was young and I think it helped her become the confident women she is today. Best of luck!