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Thursday, May 14, 2009

On Big Rocks and Small Potatoes

I've been pretty quiet for a few weeks. I have not been very good company for my family, my co-workers, my clients or my blogger friends. I had withdrawn into my protective shell and am now just starting to peek out. In the last 4 weeks I have re-read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and finished the entire Twilight series-that is what I do to escape and I have had it BAD lately. I look back and think -what a waste of time! But it was what I needed.

I've been thinking about big rocks. I have been scattered and not focused on the important things in my life. Tom and i attended a time management class a few years ago sponsered by Franklin Covey. The take home message was this: your time is finite, fill it with the most important things first, the not so important things can fit around the so called 'big rocks' like river sand. My big rocks are my children, my husband, my health. I realized my business is not even close to a big rock-so why am I filling my life with it? Now I need a job to make money just like anyone else, but this business takes up a disproportionate amount of my life. When I am not at work I am thinking about it (and resenting it). I plan to sell my portion of the clinic within the year. But first the exciting news...

After much soul searching, Tom and I have decided to place our house on the market. I hope to have it ready to show by June 1st. It looks like we will be able to buy the farm adjacent to my fathers place. It is a 100 yr old farmhouse which is partially remodeled, a nice barn (which will need some new roofing) and a bunch of out buildings which probably just need to be knocked down! She would like to sell 20 of her 40 acres (we want first dibs of the other 20). I am calm and happy about moving our family out there but a mess when considering getting our house ready to be looked at by strangers. I am paralyzed right now...where to start. It doesn't matter I just need to start!

My (very first) garden is going well, no great! Not that anything is really up, but it is so much fun! The girls and I planted potatoes last weekend (10 lbs of seed potatoes--caribe, rose gold, yukon gold and i think pink cloud), onion sets, spinach, beets, swiss chard and kolrabi and some peas are in. Today I am headed out with more lwn clippings for the walkways and to finish the garden gate. I will also finish the chicken tractor. This time I will remember to bring the camera so I can post some pictures.

Erin (the 11 yr old) will be in her first horse show this weekend. She rides saddle seat on one of the lesson horses both sat and sun. I am so proud of her! I was a horse crazy kid too, so I love being able to give her this experience.

Thanks for listening my heat feels lighter already!

(Christy -thanks for the great book review on 'One Second After'- scarey and totally plausable. It has me revisiting food storage and self reliancy in a less abstract way.)


Meadowlark said...

looks like things are moving along!!!!!

Sue said...

Wow, wondered where you'd gone to. Now you have a move in the works. Well, best of luck to you. I hope it all works out!

fullfreezer said...

Welcome back! I was wondering what had happened. So the big move will be happening after all. Hurrah! We're still trying to get our house ready to show as well as fixing the new house to make it livable. I'm so with you on trying to focus on the big rocks.
Hang in there, I've found that when you're following your dream, it's easier to motivate yourself.

livinginalocalzone said...

Glad to see you posting again.... and with such exciting developments too! Good luck with the move and sale. I know the feeling of the smaller pebbles trying to gang up against the big rocks, but the big rocks endure as the others flow in and out from the sea. As Judy said, following a dream can be the best motivation.

hickchick said...

Thanks for the encouragement guys! It is great to have all this support.

Gina said...

What great news! I have to say in regards to your gorgeous daughter on the gorgeous horse: She looks so tiny up there!

I love that photo (and it is one my very favorite horse breeds!)

Hang in there on the time thing. Life just ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows...