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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blowing off Responsibilities

Thursdays are a day off of work. I am so uncomfortable with NOT working that I seem to fill this day up with things like: grocery shopping, work meetings, errands, appointments, until it would be better for all if I WAS at work. Tomorrow I had a bunch of stuff on my list. I am cancelling the list. I am taking my girls to see a newly released movie which my DH not so affectionately calls 'Hairy Pooper'. I will sleep late and we will make pancakes and walk to the library. I can't wait!


Ruralrose said...

Way to go - yippeee for Mommy - how can this ever be a regret - peace for all

Sue said...

That sounds like a terrific way to spend a day....and the girls will certainly remember a time like that more fondly than grocery shopping! Hope you guys have a super fun day! :)