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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clearing Hurdles

My 'chicks' and nephew Theo collecting eggs at ArkWork Farm

After a few months of feeling stuck and not being ready to commit to the big move, we have made a breakthrough. We have been going back and forth-old farm vs build new and (maybe) off the grid. I would vote for build, but we are both hearing the tick-tock of our oldest daughters biological clock. She is 11 and still very much our little girl, but we are seeing tween behaviors popping up. We are afraid if we stay in town for much longer the move to the country will become a battle. I don't want a battle, I want this to an adventure for the whole family.

Anyway today I am talking to a loan officer at the local Farm Credit Services, if she has good news for us we will talk numbers and move in dates with the farm owners. We can afford both mortgages if I continue to work as I have been. It IS a risk but right now letting this dream sit on the shelf and fade away through inactivity and frustration is the bigger risk. Money is money but my hopes and dreams...I won't put those on hold.

We have a big weekend. Finish the chicken tractor and move the hens, process bunnies, start the tanning process (Erin wants to learn how to do this!) and the girls have a horseshow on Saturday. I will also move a chair into the garden :)

Warning: Gratuitous Kid Pictures Below


Sue said...

Best of luck to you today!! I hope you get what you really want! Are you going to actually SIT in that chair?? :)

Melissa Jo said...

I love the gratuitous kid pictures! The girls are getting taller! Enjoy your weekend!

The Old Gray Egg said...

Holy cow. I saw the title, "Clearing Hurdles". Then I saw the first photo. And I immediately thought, "That's a huge jump for horses. Are they getting ready for the Rolex Three Day Event at the Kentucky Horse Park?" But now I understand. Hurdles, as in surmountable barriers to dreams. Just don't forget that the initial acquisition is the first of many farm expenses for which you may need to float a loan. Don't waylay your dreams, but go slow. And hey, the Ark makes three northern Wisconsin farm bloggers. Know any more?

hickchick said...

Sue- thanks! I'm not sure about the sitting part, I'll take it one step at a time!
Missy-Nice picture! How are things down south??
Graig- that would be a hurdle! New roof on barn that we know of. I know there is so much more! I am so very cautious about money a complete tightwad really! The bank visit went well and we have the go ahead. Thanks for the words of caution. kris

Ruralrose said...

Well look at you, am gone 2 days and the world has changed! You have bit off a mouthful but we all know how hungry you are. You are going to do it an all new way, the modern 21st century way. Dreams and hard work make happiness happen. Peace for all

livinginalocalzone said...

Congratulations! I'm glad to hear that the bank visit went well :-) You are right, money and other obstacles will always be there, and there is no perfect time for a big decision, but following a dream - and preparing and planning smartly for it like you are doing - that is often what gives the energy to be strong and make it happen through the obstacles!