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Friday, July 10, 2009

Lipstick on a Pig

The girls and I picked strawberries last week. I was disappointed with the berries-but what should I expect when I wait until the LAST day of picking for this particular farm? They were small, and just average flavor. I guess these berries will be mixed with peaches or rhubarb for jam. I picked up my first hot water canner and funnel, etc. No excuses now!
We processed our 12 week old Florida White meat rabbits. We were down to 2 from 4 in the litter. The tiny runt was given to a neighbor girl for a pet, but it died in our hot spell ( it was truly tiny had a different hair coat and drank ALOT of water-pituitary problems-diabetes insipitus- I'm not sure ). She of course was heart broken and i agreed to let her have a replacement rabbit. Sigh -next time I will know better!
The butchering was not awful- for me it was an anatomy refresher and a chance to look at livers, lungs for signs of disease. There are certainly things we will do differently next time (like skin BEFORE gutting and not using a stump riddled with ants as the execution site) but all in all I thought we did all right. My daughter backed out of the tanning process so I am now in the process of tanning with a kit we bought at gander. I will have pictures to share for anyone who promises not to ridicule me :) If I am going to eat meat, I will use all that animal has to give to me and not be wasteful. Can you say fur lined mittens?
The old farmstead which had such promise from across the lot line is not such a great deal. She has put on a new roof and siding on the house and has really done some nice work on the interior, but the old stone walls in the basement have caved in in one location, and frankly this old farmstead needs someone with either more money or more construction skills than we have right now. You can put lipstick (or siding) on the pig... On to plan B. More about that when I have details nailed down!
Our home is beginning to feel foreign to us, the girls even brought it up. We have been spending so much time on the farm that being at the house doesn't feel like home anymore.



Sue said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that the farm didn't work out for you. But, maybe it wasn't meant to be because there is someplace else you that is "it".

Ruralrose said...

I can't believe you did the rabbits in. Now for sure we know you are are hooked on nature like the rest of who kneel to her power. It is just wonderful to watch this story evolve, especially the powerfully good impact it is having on your family and the happiness you are finding. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. I totally concur with Sue too. peace for all

hickchick said...

Thanks Sue and Ruth- I have to remind myself not to push to hard, the right this will happen when and where it is supposed to. We are contemplating building new, which for a money miser like myself is, well, breathtaking to contemplate.
Ruth - I tried to kill bunnies last year by the stretch and snap method-it was not a good thing. I will use the .22 from now on.