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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dried Bean Experiment

My gardening experiments continue...
My goal for the garden was to see what kind of foods my family enjoyed eating, grow easily for a novice, and be stored to be eaten over the long winter. This winter we are not depending on this food to survive, but next winter may be different.
These are Black Valentine bush beans. They produced a nice green bean, good flavor but not huge quantities. I left one section unpicked all summer and allowed them to dry on the plant. I took them out of the garden last week, they were beginning to split. I picked individual pods but I can see where pulling the whole plant would work pretty well-especially if you have a lot to do.
From an approx 2foot long row of plants I got 15oz of beans. I'll post again once we have eaten them! I also have a HUGE number of purple pole beans maturing on the vine, waiting to be picked in another week or so!

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Really Rose said...

I love winter bean soups and have always wanted to grow enough beans in my summer garden to keep me going all winter. You've inspired me! Next year I shall plant more beans . . . lots more. Thanks!