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Friday, September 18, 2009

Ugly Bread

No this is not a post about some fun new gourmet artisan bread. It is truly ugly bread dough.


What am I doing wrong?? Too dry? Not enough kneading is my guess. The dough doesn't stretch, but rather breaks. This is supposed to be simple french bread. Ha. It looks like brains. Really!
I have been making all our bread form the breadmaker but thought it was time to branch out. Please comment if you can tell just at a glance what is wrong with my bread!
(this is 1cup whole wheat, 2 cups bread flour, 1 tsp salt, 1 cup water with 4tsp yeast)

okay you can laugh if you want--I sure am :D


fullfreezer said...

I does look to me like it needs kneaded more. Usually when it has been kneaded enough it is smooth and elastic looking. It's something that you just have to get a feel for. Don't give up. I've made some pretty funny looking bread in my day as well.

MangoChild said...

I agree with Judy, it looks like it needs to be kneaded more. I usually knead for about 15 minutes or so, though its really a "feel" thing.
The other thing is the proofing of the yeast - did you let the water and yeast combine for a while before adding the other flour? I've found that makes a difference in that the kneaded dough comes out looking a big lighter/smoother....
And keep on baking! It does get better, a big learning curve.

hickchick said...

Thanks guys, I will knead longer next time! And yes I did proof the yeast for this batch-I am getting to the end of a 1lb package-it's been in my fridge for 9months (?) and is still going strong!.

Danielle said...

Hugs! Baking is a labor of love. Stress the labor! I also think there is a learning curve...well, I know first hand there is a learning curve and it takes practice. I'd have to see the recipe to know what is going on but just keep trying. After having a particularly troubling experience with bread making, I alwasy followup with something I know I'm successful at, so I feel encouraged. Make something you know is good and try to be encouraged!!!

hickchick said...

Thanks for the encouragement Danielle. This stuff is sure keeping me humble! :D