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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up North

My DH and I took a day away from children Saturday. We went for a drive 'up north' to the Chequamegon National Forest along the Flambeau River. We did a little walking in the woods, a little unwinding, a little reminiscing about the days when we really camped; back when air mattresses were for wussies, and wet sock were dried much like we cooked marshmallows- on a long stick over the fire! It was a nice day--thank you Mom for watching the girls!!
Some pictures of our day:

Covered bridge near smith rapids

Can you see the little guy?

Pine plantation

Round Lake (do you see the fisherman with his lab in the boat?)

Just pretty

We always have to throw in something historical or educational. This is a rebuilt log dam on Round Lake. During the logging boom of the late 1800's the only way to get lumber out of the woods was on the water. In the spring they filled this holding bay with cut lumber, then closed the dam allowing 10ft of water to build up. They opened the dam washing the lumber down the Flambeau River approx 12 miles to the next dam site. In this way the logs were floated to the Chippewa River and eventually to the Mississippi. One of the signs told us that 1/6 of the nations white pine west of the Appalachian Mtns was harvested here in the Chippewa river basin. I wish I could have seen it. Not the harvesting but the thousands of square miles of mature forest.

Holding pool for logs

Flambeau River--it looks like a creek now after months with out rain-hard to believe this is considered one of our canoeing crown jewels!

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Ruralrose said...

how romantic, now that's wonderful, all work and no play will kill any union - thanks for sharing Kris - so happy to see you happy - peace for all