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Monday, November 2, 2009

First Things First

Before heading to work today I stopped to get some new athletic shoes. I have been walking more and my old shoes... are pretty old. My feet had been getting progressively more painful, to the point where I don't go stocking-footed anymore. I spend most of my day on my feet and the work shoes weren't helping much either, those chunky soled leather shoes are completely flat inside-no support to be found. The new shoes are New Balance (made in the USA) and pretty utilitarian- but function above form any day! I also threw away all the extra Halloween candy. This was hard- I am having extreme sugar craving. But I wanted to start off on an honest and accurate accounting so there was no 'just one taste'. It all got dumped.
Tomorrow AM I will walk. Wednesday AM is a WW meeting. Baby steps.

I almost forgot-Saturday we butchered our buns- they were 14 weeks old. It was much smoother this time. DH used his 22 and I did the rest. I now have three beautiful very thick fur pelts to tan. I believe I will try to make myself a Christmas present (instead of giving my best stuff away!) I am picturing rabbit fur lined mitts. We'll see.


Meadowlark said...

Way to go on the throw-away!

Paulette said...

Good luck with our effort, I'm doing the same thing starting this week. It's not easy!

I have to hand it to you though...I haven't been able to throw the Halloween chocolate away, that's great!

hickchick said...

meadow -thanks for checking on me!
paulette- if i had bought chocolate, i would not have been able to throw them out! Mike & Ikes-not a problem!