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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wild Dreams

I have a post today at Homemakers Who Work about my fun with sourdough starter!

My first week of WW was pretty good, lost 2 lbs though I was hoping for something more dramatic. I got a little depressed about the reality of this weight loss goal... 50lbs divided by 2 lbs per week equals flipping forever. But the journey starts with a single step and all that. I can choose to give up and feel bad or I can plug along 2 pounds at a time. I have the opportunity to choose where I want to be in 25 weeks. I can see myself getting really bored with the point counting though. I will work on standardizing my meals a little so I don't have to think too much about what I should eat for lunch, etc. I will also start the Y.

I had the craziest dream. I walked out of my business without locking the door, when I returned later that night the cash drawer was empty-I was so mad! The dream then switched to me finding a rave going on, all these sophisticated, beautiful people having a great time in my office. In the dream I was very short, wearing dumpy clothes and felt very insignificant. It doesn't take a therapy session to figure this one out. I have been wrestling with what to do career-wise. I am not really comfortable about being the boss, I am not business/accounting/inventory/human resources savvy-nor particularly motivated to become so. So sell the beast-my partner is willing to buy my % back. But it is profitable, there is job security which goes along with being an owner, as well as a certain prestige which goes along with ownership. My dream was obviously the result of my subconscious wrestling match. Should I continue to party with the beautiful people or walk out and let the money be stolen from the cash drawer?? Time will tell.

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Ruralrose said...

if you are gaining weight continually, and not eating to match what is happening, then fat is being produced to store toxins - toxins come from chemicals in your environment, bacteria, virus and parasites - once the source is removed, the body can clean out what is stored and returns to a normal stable state

if unhappy and suffering (whether it is cool to admit it or not), almost like a dying plant gives off "signals", our bodies suffer

if you were totally satisfied with your life, being large would not be a problem, if you worked everyday to grow food your weight would not be a issue, if you lived in the country and stayed home all day you wouldn't be tempted by fast food, if you knew all the food you made contributed to your health and longevity then you could eat until contentment and feel so satisfied

if you homesteaded full time you wouldn't need look polished and professional and all the pressure that entails, there will be no competition for your job, you can work your own hours at your own pace, your work will be different everyday and who you are is your most valuable asset

this is my experience, don't be so hard on yourself, you are well on your way to success!!