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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Tired girl here-just a quick ramble...
Joined WW yesterday and my new motto is 'Failing to Plan = Planning to Fail'
Did you know that 3 slices of frozen pepperoni pizza is equal the number of 'points' I should be eating in an entire day? Wow-no wonder I am fat!
I am focused and excited about this change.
Good shoes make a huge difference!
As soon as we loose the nice weather I will join the YMCA, but for right now I will keep plugging away at the fall pick up. I am reconsidering the advantages of a 1 acre lawn and many mature trees. I love being out there working, but it's just a pointless task-except to keep the green lawn looking nice so we can sell this sucker next year!
I had rotten winter squash (really rotten-in a puddle-ick!) so I cleaned that up and threw a questionable pumpkin and one squash into the oven today.
We will give the bank our signed Offer to Purchase next week and we should be able to close in 2-3 weeks.


Rita said...

I love the way you keep working toward your goal. That is what I have done and when I get discouraged it is great to find a blog that is doing the same to save and scale down. Just think we can have just what we need and not work to pay for what we do not need. Giving us time to enjoy life and help others more. What a blessing. I feel like I've found a precious gift.

hickchick said...

Thanks Rita - I couldn't agree more. It is such a relief to have let that stuff go. Thans for visiting!

Danielle said...

Congrats on joining ww. I'm on a weight loss journey too.

Sue said...

I've been debating joining WW online....but I've heard a lot of good about it.
I think, if anything, it will make me look at all the mindless eating I do during the day-you know-the calories that don't count because it's not a meal-LOL!
Did you join the online or regular?

hickchick said...

Danielle-i am so impressed 30+ pounds, way to go!
Sue - I bought a monthly pass which gives me the e-tools, but I am going to the regular meetings. I need that personal connection at the scale! I am so impressed with the e-tools. Many of the things I eat are homemade, the 'recipe builder' is so easy to use. Plug in the ingredients and # of servings and out comes the point value.

Country Girl said...

Good luck. I did WW on-line last Jan and lost 10lbs. Need to do again......