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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's Official

The house has a big bright real estate sign out front! I found our MLS listing yesterday-it's officially for sale...

Other things are happening too, 9 days of school left for the girls. Two weeks until our 130 Freedom Rangers and 12 laying chicks arrive. I am giddy and tired. We have a three day weekend coming up -we are going to need every minute of it I think. We have building projects (bean trellis and chicken tracotrs), possibly moving some rabbit cages out to the farm (we have 2 sets so the buns can stay at home in the back-up cages until we move), and taking stock of what we need to do to prepare for chicks. Oh yes I also work Saturday morning 8-12 at the far away clinic-so tack an hour driving to either end of that. That's okay-I can buy alot of chicken feed with those wages :)

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