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Friday, May 21, 2010

Recovery and Discovery

Thanks for the public (and private)words of support. There should be a law against stressful news at certain times of the month :)
I think my biggest stress was in putting myself 'out there', pushing my comfort zones a bit. You see we do have the money to do this (I knew there was a reason for driving an 8yr old Saturn!), I just didn't think we would be called upon to have to use it. I was assuming we could have our comfortable cushion to sit on.
I AM breathing again and thinking things through rationally again. Tom and I will do a little brainstorming about how to proceed -the construction loan has a 12 month term, so we can continue to save and accumulate money as we go through the next year. Perhaps the garage will get built this fall? Perhaps we get another bid for the garage, with us doing more of the work? I'm not sure what we will come up with , but there is nothing like a campfire and a couple Mike's Hard Lemonades to help you think outside of the box.


fullfreezer said...

You CAN do this. Everything will work out. Have a little faith in your own abilities and follow your dream. You won't regret it, even though it may be 'interesting'.
Hang in there.

hickchick said...

Thanks Judy, I know I can do thins. In fact I AM doing this and it rocks! (once i get past feeling like i want to vomit) :)