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Thursday, January 1, 2009


I'm loosing it, my focus (among other things). My mantra for this winter is personal fitness, both fiscal and physical. I have so many ideas running through my head, it's just spinning and I need to concentrate on first things first. I will bring my brain back from all these great ideas-free range chickens, diva cup, no toilet paper (see friends-not-dabbling group -it is being done!), garden for spring, getting house ready to put on market, composting plans, home based business with DH, clean diet vs high protein, required CE for work, staff holiday party, but wait there's more...all this is swirling around. STOP!! Fitness is my goal, the rest will follow. I attended a time management seminar a few years ago. The only meaningful thing which stayed with me was big rocks and little rocks. If you fill your schedule first with little rocks-the big rocks will never fit. If you place the big rocks in your schedule first, the little rocks will fill in around. Fitness and family are the 'big rocks' everything else is just fill.
My Christmas 'haul' was good; some nice warm slippers from the girls and some great books from by DH and mom. For my reading enjoyment this winter: Walden, Affluenza, and two Salatin books: Family friendly farming and Pastured Poultry Profit$.

Our family started a New Year's Eve tradition-we redecorated the tree with popcorn strings, cobs of corn and peanutbutter/seed 'suet'. We put the tree ouside the front door this am -it took the squirrrels about 2 hours to discover it, we had alot of fun together! Kris

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fullfreezer said...

What a great idea for the tree! I've also had too much swirling in my head. Writing it down helps, though.
Have a great 2009.