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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Plans for tomorrow

I feel as though I have reconnected with old friends. I have been away from the computer for awhile but you guys are still here doing these great things, thoughtful commentary on our world, our culture and planning for spring. I can feel the warm sun and smell the dirt right off the monitor. It's good to be back! Tomorrow is my day off work and I am trying to group my thoughts and plans together. I want to try out this 5min no knead bread i have been hearing about-my family is pretty sick of my bread machine stuff! Drop off tax stuff to accountant. Continue to work on cleaning basement- my oldest's birthday is coming up and she is planning a sleepover party. I thought I would give the girls the basement-move the TV down there so they can watch a DVD and maybe use the craft area to made bracelets or something. So that means I/we need to transform my dumping ground into a happy space!

I am feeling a need to create art, so that will be on my list as well. Oh yes -grocery shop and meal plan for next week. We are supposed to get 4-8 inches of snow sometime tomorrow, I am hoping it holds off until later in the day.

As far as the yardstead goes....I talked to some one at the village about rules and regulations-well most certainly no poultry in the village! (I am even supposed to licence the rabbits! LOL! I'm breaking the law already) I wonder if I can convince anyone that a pygmy goat is a 'customary' pet, they are certainly less of a nuisance than an outside dog barking incessantly.

I am finding myself looking at parts of my yard, thinking grape vines here? Where do the raspberries go? How hard will it be to tear out these bushes and plant blueberries? I think part of my problem is that in a yard my failures will be very visible, but so will my successes. I am boldly going where I have never gone before! Thanks for being there ya'll.


ChristyACB said...

Customary pets only for this city too. No exceptions...argh. I'm still working on the city for chickens though. Never give up, never

There is so much you can do in your yard that I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Even the front yard can have value added without making enemies in the neighborhood. Pepper, eggplant and herb plants are lovely in beds and most people have no clue they grow food.

I think you'll like raised bed gardening. So much less work and so much gain and it is controllable, which is a huge thing when you have kids running about or nosy neighbors.

Keep your chin up!

fullfreezer said...

Hope you had a good day to regroup. A law breaker, eh. I discovered that we're breaking the law with our compost pile as well- who knew it needs to be at least 8 feet from the property line. At least the neighbors haven't complained. We plan to move it all out to the garden this spring anyway. And yeah, no animals here either. There are vague rules about chickens but they're indecipherable and subject to neighborhood zoning. SInce we're currently zoned 'downtown' we're lucky we can have the dog. The place we're looking for is out of town and zoned 'agricultural' Yeah!!!