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Monday, February 23, 2009

where dreams and responsibility collide

No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth. But I was in Las Vegas for a professional meeting, which is pretty much the same thing! Las Vegas is another world IMHO. It was good to get away for a while but even better to come home! I have avoided total burnout -for the time being anyway.
My 10 year old daughter is signing up for her middle school classes. She has opted to take all EDGE classes, which are accelerated classes. She is also getting excited about Forensics and Band class. DH and I are finding it very hard to take the chicks out of this school district. We have been listing the pros and cons of each location in our minds. We have decided stay where we are. We have about 3/4 of an acre in a quiet neighborhood, a fantastic (but big) school district, we are both within 3 miles of our work, and my Mom lives 5 blocks from us. We are going to focus on the urban homestead but still have our camper on Dad's 40 to play and cut wood on.
I am more than a little sad about this, but also excited about the potential to turn our lot into a model for what can be done 'where you are'. The drama queen in me still wants to turn my back on my normal and socially acceptable life, but the parent and responsible adult knows this will be a good thing. I will still cut way back on hours in May once we have more help at work. There is no buyer for my portion of the business in the near future so retreating just is not realistic. Ugh! This responsible crap is not any fun. I will put away 'escape to the country' for now and concentrate on energy conservation, creating vegetable gardens, fruit trees, and time with my girls.


fullfreezer said...

Those decisions are tough but it sounds like you gave it lots of thought. There are always new doors opening.
Glad you had a good break in Vegas. It is like another world!

Robbyn said...

That's a really huge decision, and it's so important for the family to be at the heart of the plan. You'll make your lot fantastically productive and be such an inspiration to your world right's amazing what can be done in that amount of space, and your friends and childrens' friends will be close at hand to share in the whole process...I'm so glad for you!

ChristyACB said...

It sounds like you made the decision that works for you right now. And for sure, a great many people in the suburbs could use a good example of how to maximize life and property so you may be doing them a huge favor in a way.

What are you going to do to your land next then? Sounds like Project Time to me!

hickchick said...

We have so many ideas-it's have to decide what is first! Gutters and rain water barrels, energy conservation issues within the house, maybe solar hot water, expanding our meat rabbits, alleast this year most of my gardening will be out at Dad's-this summer we plan to 'camp' there 3-4 days a week so the bulk of gardening happens there. A YARDSTEAD instead of homestead, I am excited about showing neighbors what is possible! k