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Thursday, April 2, 2009

The View From Here

My distance vision is very poor in the left and below average for the right, I believe the optometrist used words which sounded alot like, um, legally blind... Never the less I rarely use my glasses for anything except driving, or as an accessory if I wish to look more intellectual. In town this has not been an issue for me, as things which affect me happen close by. Visiting the Farm, my narrow zone of vision becomes glaringly obvious. Distant objects, animals, and cloud patterns are vital (not to mention beautiful!) and I am missing them because I am so near-sighted. The zone of interaction/field of view is so much larger out there.

I thought this was an interesting analogy to near-sightedness in the non visual sense. Some people go through life legally blind, oblivious to events which effect them even from a far off distance. If only it were as easy as pulling out the old eyeglasses to see things more clearly.

I would be much happier if my eyes could see the far away things more clearly, but lately I wish that my other 'vision' was a little near sighted. I see so many things out there that are frightening. But at least I can see them coming.

These are the views of and from my house as of today:

I love this yard, it is on a hill with many mature trees, but I have alot of different 'zones' to work with. Good neighbors, low crime and only three miles to work for both of us.

South East corner, slopes toward road, full sun, we cut down cedar bushes as old as the house last fall from the front of the house-this spring we will get the roots!

View from deck towards North East corner-big maple throws shade from noon onward, sloping away from house. We have two baby Mulberry trees planted out here.

View from South West of back yard. swing set, sand box and our best (almost) flat ground. Baseball and kickball field for now.

View from deck to North West corner -two bunny cages, compost pile, tin shed and a fire pit! Also partially shaded, stays wet since it is at the bottom of a hill. The apple tree is down to the right along with rhubarb planted by previous owner along the alley.



Ruralrose said...

This is wonderful! You both should be very proud. And so clean and manicured, loved land for sure. You are where you are to be, you are going to where you are to be. No matter what land is in front of you to use to make your family more secure you will use it. Nothing is too late for you, you are ahead of the crowd that is why the future looks so bewildering. My husband and I moved 11 times before we could afford a place of our own. Each time he built raised beds for my garden and fencing for birds or goats. Each time the expense and time was a personal sacrifice as we left everything. It was also our education, to which a person can never really attribute a monetary value. Your girls are watching and learning too and you are setting a very fine example. Thanks for sharing the pictures, I would be so proud to have you as a neighbor. Peace for all

ChristyACB said...

You, and many others who feel the same, are like the pioneers of the United States or the explorers from Europe. They could see that there was more over the horizon, but getting there was a bit scary and full of unknowns.

But had they not took a deep breath and soldiered on, rather than keeping their vision close and playing it save, so much that truly is good would never have happened.

So, fellow Pioneer and Explorer, take a deep breath. :)


fullfreezer said...

What a lovely place. There are so many possibilities. I can see why you have been torn between staying and going. I'm sure you will make it bloom.

Melissa Jo said...

Hey there,
May I have some of that wonderful rhubarb? I miss it down here! The stuff at the store is just not the same as the stuff from my grandma's house...

Stephany said...

You have a great yard, so much room! I see you as a "bloom where you are planted type" like me so I am sure you will do a wonderful job.