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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I Need Chicken Help!

There is a story behind this request that I will not go into completely here. DH and the chicks (all 3 of us) will be taking over ArkWork Farms egg flock for the summer. The coop and yard they currently use will be given over to the Cornish cross meat birds in May. Currently about 30 hens and 4 (?) roosters (correct me if I'm wrong Stoney), approx 1/3 of the group are leghorns and the remaining are banties. I am looking for an 'Eggmobile' type portable chicken coop. I believe they cannot be allowed free range due to the hawks, family of fox and neighborhood dog around the farm. But I'm just a green horn-what do I know?! I am finding lots of very cute little backyard tractors for 4-6 birds. Any suggestion from the homestead crowd for a movable coop for 30 birds? that we can build in next 2 weeks? We can thin the flock if needed and some predator loss is acceptable -the alternative is the entire flock ( and the source of my egg supply! ) finds a new home.



Tracy Fuller said...

Why cant they stay with the meat-chickens?

Anonymous said...

Plus, I am really excited to get our worm-composting!

Ruralrose said...

Hi Kris - what you are looking for is a "chicken tractor" - here is a link

there are good links here -

i have seen a plan for a large one somewhere and will keep looking

don't forget to read the chicken section in the e-book

not surprised about this turn of events for you, where there's a will there's a way

happiness is . . .

peace for all

ChristyACB said...

Wow! That is a whole lotta birds all at once! How many of them are you keeping permanently?