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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

An Important Lesson

April has been an interesting month weather wise. The first 3 weeks were dry, not a speck of rain and the snow cover long gone. I was having images of parched, cracked earth and wells going dry. Last weekend the clouds finally opened and we received approx 3 inches of rain. And there is more on the way. Hurray!

My garden is planned out, the composted manure and rotten leaves are ready to be tilled into the garden. We are at the magic 4 weeks before the anticipated last frost. I want to till and rake and layout the walkways and get ready to plant potatoes. I am free tomorrow to work but apparently the world does not revolve around me! It is far too soupy in the garden.

I am so impatient. My whole life-if I wanted something, I could figure out a way to make it work. There is no way to get around Mother Nature. She is a solid immutable presence and I cannot push, cajole or sweet-talk her. I must accept the weather and work around it. So tomorrow I will rejoice in whatever weather we have. I WILL be patient, I will, I will.


Sue said...

Good luck with that patience thing! I've never had much luck with that.
We can be envious of those in more southerly locales at this time of year, but come August, I'm certainly glad to be up north!

Ruralrose said...

The wonderful thing about letting mother nature dictate when to do things is sometimes we get time off - enjoy it! glad the poultry links helped - peace for all