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Monday, April 20, 2009

Wonderful Worms and Earth Day

The past 4(?) years my family has gotten together to celebrate Earth Day at ArkWorks Farm. I do not kid myself into thinking that the things we do are really making a difference for the earth, anymore than turning the lights off for an evening will slow climate change. I see globalization, capitalism and our species living well beyond our means as a raging wildfire sweeping across a tinderbox forest, Earth Day is me stepping on a single live ember of this fire; grinding it out under my heel and feeling self righteous for doing a good deed. If we grind out enough embers, as a society we may be able to effect change. Or maybe we just enjoy a day with our family doing some work outside and eating grilled home grown chicken!

For my family: on our agenda this weekend is wonderful worms! I will help you set up a worm compost bin and you can let the worms eat your garbage! Bring a medium sized plastic storage bin with a good lid to the Farm this weekend as a temporary bin.
First thing-how much garbage do you have? Plan for the permanent worm bin to have 1 sq ft surface for each lb of compost-able garbage per week. 5# of coffee grounds, egg shells or veggie scraps each week = bin foot print of at least 5 sq feet.
The bin can be as easy as a large plastic storage bin with some holes drilled in the side or wooden or the more expensive commercial bins like 'Can-O-Worms'. I have a book with lots of different plans and options for your viewing pleasure this weekend.
The bin should stay in a cool place like a basement or garage-they prefer temps 59-77 but will still work (but more slowly) at 50. They really do not like temps in the high 80's and up. Basement works best if you do not want them to freeze out over the winter.
I should be receiving the redworms in the next day or so and Saturday we can set up your temporary bins. The weather looks cooperative and there was NO mud last weekend, in fact it was much, much too dry. We are going to attempt our first overnight in the camper saturday night (IF I can get organized enough). Have a great week! Kris


Ruralrose said...

This is an awesome project. I fully believe earth worms will eventually save the plant. See you are farming from where you are, how wonderful to witness. Peace for all

livinginalocalzone said...

I've slowly started composting, but am still skittish about the use of worms... maybe because other worms hurt the veg? I know that's different but.... baby steps?
On Earth Day, maybe part of it is bringing more mindfulness, planting a seed (so to speak) that can keep going and growing?