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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tomato Transplants

Hurray for Thursdays! My day off of work and children! Today I transplanted my tomato seedling. Way past due -many had 2 sets of real leaves. I used peat pots and a mixture of approx 1/3 mature worm compost and 2/3 used up potting mixture ( the stuff left over from last years potted annual flowers). I'm kinda winging it right now but that's how I work best! I'm not sure how much sunlight to allow these new babies because they do not fit under my grow lights anymore. We are having a nice run of weather so I will find a partially shaded spot outside for the day and bring in for the nights.


ChristyACB said...

Hurray for tomatoes! Mine are getting tall too.

Soon, soon...that first lovely luscious tomato.

Stephany said...

I put my broccoli in a big clear Rubbermaid tub and carry them out during the day. Remember to water them more. The seem to dry out faster.

When did you plant your tomatoes. Mine do not seem to be growing so quickly.

fullfreezer said...

Hurray! I love days off when no one else is home. I can always get so much done. My tomatoes are getting huge as well. I'm glad it's just a few more weeks until I can set them out. I had to raise my lights a bit.

Sue said...

Your "babies" look great!
And so true about getting more done when no one else is around. Auction season is coming up, and I secretly love my husband being gone for that one day a week of "me" time.
Keep the seedlings in a shaded spot outside during the day but protect them from animals---I've had squirrels nip them off at the base!

hickchick said...

Thanks for the encouragement and tips-
Stephanie these seeds were atarted 3/21 -they took about 7 days to sprout. (they really aren't that big-just close-up view!)