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Sunday, December 13, 2009

After the Snow

We are one of only a few households without a snow blower in our NC Wisconsin neighborhood. I'm not sure if it is stubbornness or frugality (actually I am sure it is a healthy dose of BOTH), but we have resisted buying an expensive noisy beast.
We only get a handful of big heavy snows each winter, the remainder comes in 1-3 inch increments-easily handled with a shovel, the only kicker is the snowplow leavings across the driveway.
Last week we received 11.5 inches of snow-it was light and fluffy but still a lot of material to move...enter our best friend after a big snow-the snow scoop.

We have a double lot on a corner which translates to a block worth's of sidewalk! So I love this thing, no lifting the snow. I can push it with my body if my arms get tired, and even when full loaded with heavy snow it is easy to 'drive' it up a snowbank then a quick jerk backwards deposits the snow.

The south side done-only wide enough for one person and a dog-good enough!

Second half to go-down to the telephone pole,this is the second time through-after the winds stopped!


Sue said...

Shoveling snow is never "fun", but listening to all the noise of a snowblower is the pits! We get too much snow up here to forgo the blower, but it's saved for the BIG snows!

Anonymous said...

Oooof. That's a lot of work - and the one thing that scares me about moving to a home with more area someday. Snowblowers (and leaf blowers) make my head hurt.