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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stepping off a Cliff ?

The enormity of what we are doing is sinking in. It is one thing to sit around the campfire and say "let's move to the country" after a beautiful summer day of gardening and hiking and playing. Another thing entirely to consider 5 long months of snow and wind and darkness. To be confronted daily with mother nature at her fiercest and most beautiful; to realize that as an individual (or even as a species)that I am NOT special, that I AM vulnerable, that my survival depends on how well prepared I am.
I admit I got a little weirded-out driving out to the property last week with -20 wind chill to meet the surveyors. I had to borrow my hubbies 4 wheel drive(to make it up the -plowed- driveway). I also had to borrow his Carhart's because I don't have decent warm clothes. I was feeling a little over my head. But I accept this challenge. We can do this-our family does not belong in town anymore-we have outgrown it.
The land purchase is going forward. Since we have agreed to the land price, Mr. Nice Farmer is working very hard to be sure we hit no other snags. We should be finalized around the end of the month!


Sue said...

Simple preparations will ensure you can make the move with confidence. You'll be fine....and in a far far better place. Good luck! And please---enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Its getting closer :-) I agree with Sue - even though I have of course never done what you are about to leap into, in other areas I've found that having lots of information on how to address what it is that I fear, and several back up plans that I know I can implement make me feel a bit more secure.