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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Health Care Muddle

Is health care a constitutionally protected right? Is it right up there with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do we have a responsibility to provide the same level of health care to everyone across the board? Or is health care something you earn; work hard, take responsibility for your own life, don't have kids until you can afford them, etc. The price I pay for being a Libra is I can see both sides of the argument. Both have merit. I fall somewhere in the middle I suppose, but all the shades of grey are difficult-it would be so much easier if things were black and white.
In theory I am a survival of the fittest kind of gal, and while supporting the weakest member of a society is good for those weak individuals it is bad for the society as a whole in the long run. Sorry if that is offensive, but I am too much of the Darwinian biologist to think any other way. I do not believe access to health care is something our society is mandated to provide to every member of society, but I would support health care for every child under the age of 18 yrs. I would also support a national health care pool from which you could not be excluded based on pre-existing conditions. But not free. Free is not free, free means people with income pay for those without. I have worked very hard for a long time and would rather not support someone who has made poor choices and screwed around with his /her life. There are all sorts of extenuating circumstances though-mental illness for example.
It is all just a muddy mess. What sort of solutions do you see?


clink said...

I struggle with the choices, ideas, decisions. I have been campaigning and advocating for health care reform (not health care giveaway!) for several years.

Again ..... not free. People take advantage of free.

But you should not go broke because you are sick. 19.6% of our gross income goes to health related expenses. Co-pays, insurance costs, meds.... we have insurance. Good insurance.

We have lost all of our savings due to COBRA payments and co-pays. We literally start out the year in debt due to higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expense.

I have no answers. And obviously, Congress and the Senate are screwing everything up!!

Yea ... you described it right ... Muddle.


hickchick said...

Cathy-wow nearly 20% to healthy care. After a recent Dr apt I have been thinking even more about this. In our neck of the woods MD's all work in these big affiliates. You don't see small practices or god forbid solo practicioners. So all our local health care is monopolized by 2players-they can set whatever prices they wish without competition. (aren't there laws against monopolizing a market?)Insurance pays and those without insurance are locked out.
As I walked through the spacious atrium and saw all the beautiful artwork on the walls, then saw all the support staff visiting and chatting amongst each other -I thought to myself -some folks may be comforted by the image of stability and wealth this clinic projects. I am not comforted-I am a business owner -I know a large portion of my apt. bill will be for sumptous overhead and underworked staff-it drives me crazy! But there are no other choices and heck my insurance will pay for it...