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Monday, December 7, 2009

Don't 'Fall Down the Stairs'

The Christmas tree is up; snow is on the way (up to one foot of the stuff!), we have a cookie baking extravaganza planned for next weekend and guess what? It’s beginning to feel like Christmas! Finally.
I have a bad attitude about eating on a diet, this weekend I ate grilled cheese sandwiches (homemade sourdough-mmm!) and eggnog with no regrets! My co-worker gave me a great quote “just because you tripped down a couple stairs, don’t throw yourself down the rest of the stairway”. Something to that effect, anyway. She’s right-and she should know-- she has lost 57 lbs. with WW and exercise. I almost didn’t go to workout this morning; I was grumpy and ugly. Then I reminded myself that it wasn’t optional. I am working on increasing my running (jogging) distances, gradually working up from 1minute jog, 1 minute walk, repeat. Today I ran a total of 0.8 miles. It isn’t pretty but I felt great doing it and the liberating thing about being (nearly) 40 is the complete and utter disregard I have for how I may look to others! It just doesn’t matter-I wish I could go back and give this peace and acceptance to myself at 17.
We were scheduled to have the land surveyed on Wednesday-it is supposed to be blizzard-like, if so it will be put off until next week. Nothing else to report here.


Sue said...

I like that quote. Too often, when I "over-do" on the goodies, I feel like just giving up. This is something to remember. Best of luck to you! Sounds like you're doing pretty good so far.

Conny said...

Grilled cheese on sourdough - one of my best transgressions - are so hard to resist. Christmas is shaping up at your house: snow, cookies, eggnog: it all sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I too like that quote. It is one step and path at a time. Congrats on the running :-)