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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closet pictures-creating space

These are before and after pictures of a closet we used throw crap into! It is over the stairs to the basement and is also the access to the roof space, so it is this funky little slanted 'crawl-in' closet. It looks like it was the favorite space for every child who ever lived in the house-there are all kinds of messages in marker and crayon written on the wood! perfect hideaway for kids, not great usable space for storage-but it is what I have so I will use it. Now I get to watch for good prices on flour, honey, beans etc. If (when!) I learn how to can I will use even more of this space. The space needed to be there before I could think about food storage. I get a little freaked out when I realize how fragile our food system is. I mean if grocery stores only have a few days of inventory on hand, what happens if...
Personal responsibility is taking on a whole new meaning for me. It's scary to think how dependent we all are. Kris


fullfreezer said...

What a great space! That is one thing I don't have in our current house- storage space. A rental we had long ago had a wonderful walk in pantry and I would SO like to have one again. Something else to look for in the house of the future.
I'm impressed that you are brave enough to show your closets. I really need to organize our bathroom cabinet- maybe a job for today.

Stephany said...

Looks like a great place to store stuff! We have an odd little space like that that I don't use for anything. I think it is full of boxes of books and stuffed toys from the move 2 and half years ago. Think I should give some thought to that in the spring.

Anonymous said...

That is a great place! I love those little crawl-away places to not only hide in (even as an adult, blushing here) but also as a nook to store those things that can't seem to find a home elsewhere. My home now is open-space, so I don't have one, but I well remember the fun they can be. :-)

I know what you mean about the effect of the "personal responsibility" kicking in and starting to see how precarious our conventional food system/supply can be - and how ingrained it is in the lives of most people, so that making a change is beyond conception for many given the overhaul needed - scary place to be in many a way. And the feeling that efforts to be more independent are still, in some ways, dependent, is even more eye-opening for me.

hickchick said...

Judy-thanks! I can share all kinds of things here that I would not normally share ;)
Stephany-It was amazing all the stuff I just throw into a closet. An empty space will be filled in this house!
Local-The independent yet connected mindset was something I started a post on but just couldn't articulate to my satisfaction, I'll have to stop being such a perfectionist and just throw it out on the blog (see note to Judy above !) K