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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Learning Curve

We received our 1/2 grass fed beef the other the hamburger and steak we have had are out of this world. It's like a different species!! That along with reading Joe Salatin's Pastured Poulty book have me unwilling to eat industrial meat again. This goes hand-in-hand with my desire to eat a clean diet and not rely on processed foods. I do have a problem though...I really have no idea how to cook this way-how to stretch a pot roast or a chicken without rice-a-roni. Oh yeah and get supper on the table in 30 minutes or less, oh yeah and something the kids will eat. HELP! Well the chicks will have to adjust! They are so used to chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese-heaven help them if they have to chew something! School lunches do not help this either-ugh I feel a rant coming on....ok better now. So many opportunities for improvement, I am truely fortunate :) Today we are going snowshoeing at my dad's farm about 30 minutes away and then we will stop at the Amish bulk foods store near his place. That is my baby step for today.

Other news--a whole week of buying nothing new - the compacts first week. I ran out of toothpaste and started using plain baking soda--of course the girls had to try it too, I laughed so hard-you should have seen their faces-they thought it was awful! They have no idea of the future torture in store for them (evil laugh). Kris

I had logged off when an evil plan formed in my mind...I would like to get the chicks off school hot lunch, but planning and packing sack lunches along with the complaints I am sure I would receive is just not on my agenda for this month...the evil part...child labor... at 10 and 6 they are perfectly able to make their own! I will start them with store bought bread and fruit snacks and gradually shift them the homemade bread and dried apples. (sorry just a little slap happy this am)


fullfreezer said...

Oh, I'm glad to hear you love your grass fed beef! Ours is scheduled to go to the processors on Wednesday so we will have it in about 2 and a half weeks! I'm excited to get it. As far as cooking, there are so many resources out there, either on the web or in cookbooks, you can find great ideas. There seem to be lots more things out there on 'slow food', check your local library. I'll go through my cookbook collection and see if I have any suggestions. Someone a few months ago posted on all the incarnations of a chicken as they ate it for the week. As for the girls, they will adapt. I suggest going slow and introducing only one new thing at a time. You may be surprised at what they like, I know I was with my children. My boys still like mac and cheese but now it is a treat and not a staple. You can learn to make some of their favorites from scratch. I'm still working to get my boys to enjoy beans, but they have come a long way.
Snowshoeing sounds like so much fun and you will LOVE the Amish bulk store! I feel so fortunate that we have one nearby, I used to take it for granted until I started blogging and realized what a treasure it is. Have fun!

Gina said...

Wow, a great first week. I already messed up due to not being able to get out the few days prior for the winter supplies, but so far, so good.

I can say this about your beef: save the bones in something in the freezer and make broth from them for soups and stews. it's one way to use every bit of that meat.

I'll see if I have any suggestions as far as resources or cookbooks go.

grassfed is definitely cleaner tasting!

el said...

Oh girl you gotta go on detox! (Not some kind of freaky body purge, mind, but you gotta get "real" with your edibles.) May i recommend a great book about how to cook what and why: Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food. As a newly returned carnivore (after 16 years) I really hadn't a clue about cooking meaty things. But now I am great with meat thrift. Anyway, you do it a little bit and it keeps getting easier. Right now I have just browned a pound of our grass-fed ground beef and I took out a canned mix of chili starter that I canned up from our veggies in Aug. For me, for a work night, this is as simple and as easy as it gets.

BTW I think it would be wonderful if you moved next to your dad's farm! Just think of all you can learn and then there's the built-in benefit of knowing you'll have friendly neighbors ahead of time.

peace! keep up the good work; it's just a bit of a steep uphill climb at first.

hickchick said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Amen to the detox diet! Kris