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Saturday, January 10, 2009

(picture of back corner of yard-well traveled path to bunnies)

I don't have anything earth shattering to write about, just another week! The first week of cold lunch was fine. L6 loved it, I think she makes new friend where ever she goes, E10 is resigned to it-she is a creature of habit and doesn't like things to change. I have relented some and am allowing them one hot lunch per week-they can pick a favorite meal. We will have another sandwich making session Sunday afternoon. The cloth TP idea is pretty cool, I think-but I need another mesh bag for laundry days! Still on the compact! Nothing new purchased since the week of christmas, picked up 6 pairs of jeans at thrift store for $48.

I am planning a raised bed veggie garden for this spring! I have been thinking about where to put it... the sunniest place in our yard is the SE corner but that is very visible right between the house and an intersection-not so great for selling the place. I think instead I will find a place in the NW corner down by the alley-this is where our bunnies, compost area and metal shed are, it will be trickier to find >6hrs of sun down there and I will need a longer hose. It is also lower than the sunny corner -the grass is always green down there, even in August when the lawn in front of the house is a brown crisp (the mosquitoes love it).

It may seem silly to plant a garden you hope to NOT harvest, but i need this for my mental health. I can't go another year on the giant hamster wheel and the garden is a symbol of independence. I am off to fill up the bread machine before going to work! This weekend is also our family's last Christmas get together with my sisters family-we will be out at Dad's farm to snowshoe and eat chili! Kris


fullfreezer said...

It looks from the picture that you have lots of evergreens. I've never gardened much around them but they always seem to make places dark and cool. In our yard (I have a few raised beds even though the main garden is elsewhere) we found that by careful trimming of the ash and oak trees we could greatly increase the light. One well thought out limb removal can really open up the canopy and let the sun in. Of course, it did involve climbing the tree with a chainsaw so it isn't for the faint of heart ;)

Stephany said...

We closed on our house in Febuary but couldn't move in until the middle of June. As I couldn't stand the idea of not having fresh greens as least, I did some container gardening that year so that my garden could move along with me.

hickchick said...

Judy-we may end up doing something like that, the yard has become so much more shade filled in the 7 yrs we have lived here.
Stephany-another good idea, I will probably end up with some tomatoe plants in pots-can't live with out those! K

fullfreezer said...

I've got something for you over at my site- stop by to pick it up.